Private Lending by Investors:

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The primary reason that private lending hasn’t grown even bigger with individual investors is because it doesn’t fit the current way of thinking that works for the old school, 

Large private lenders, whereby they have their loan programs and then, using sales people called loan officers, billboards, etc they marketing this very standardized product.

As we all know the standardization and difference between the larger private lenders is not much variation in rates, terms, underwriting, etc.

This is because they have loan programs that are designed for the masses and to produce large volumes of business in order to support their business model.   

Problem is, as we all know, it may be a great deal, BUT they cannot do it, because they can only do deals that result in big numbers.  One deal, no matter how profitable 

Doesn’t help and in fact it will gt in the middle.

Now, you can list your programs with anonymity…get that matched FIRST!  Then look at the Lender….it’s useless to look at the lender if the program won’t work.

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